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Fence Installation Services Grand Prairie, TX

Our top fencing company located in Grand Prairie, Texas has many different types of fences for you to choose from. Our licensed fence contractors want to help you find the best fence for your home, business or pool. Some local fence companies try to give you the same service and expertise we offer but often fall short. The reason we are one of the best fence companies in Grand Prairie, Texas is simple; we work differently. We wouldn’t dare offer cheap materials, a rushed installation or rude customer service. Our customers are important to us, and we strive to provide the finest fences and to use the best quality materials. Do you have a material in mind? We offer wood fences, wrought iron fences, PVC, chain link fences for fence installation. Each material is unique, so each one has its own set of pros and cons. Wood fences can be painted any color you want, while a chain link fence can be built very tall, protecting your property from trespassers. Wrought iron fences are stately and intricate, adding a sense of sophistication and style to your home! Lastly, if you don’t want to spend too much time on upkeep, a PVC fence is a great, low maintenance choice. Just clean it every once in a while with soap and water. This type of material also stands up well to inclement weather. Allow Grand Prairie Fence Builders to help you find which fence you need!

Fence Installation in Grand Prairie
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Best Wrought Iron Fencing Contractors in Grand Prairie, TX.

Grand Prairie Affordable Chain Link Installation

Chain-link is a multipurpose fence that may be what you’re looking for on your property. A chain-link fence can be used for both security and functionality. These fences are very sturdy and offer great protection! Our top fence contractors can change the color, height and length of your chain-link fence. Whatever size or color you want, our fence company can provide. This is just some of the variety a chain link fence can offer you! Chain-link fences work well for sports fields such as basketball and baseball. A wooden fence may works as well as a giant chain link fence in this case.  Chain-link fences provide protection for business and residential properties, and a property in Grand Prairie could certainly benefit from one. If you want to keep your pets or your children safely penned in the yard, chain link fences deliver the safety and protection you need. These fences have many qualities and possible uses. It’s a lot to take in, all this information about chain-link fences. Trust the best fence company in Grand Prairie Texas to help you make the right decision. After getting a chain-link fence installed, you’ll be glad to that your fence is rust resilient and will stand for many years.

Grand Prairie Best Wood Fence Company


Ah, the classic wood fence. These are a great choice because they can be painted any color that you want Perhaps you want it to match your personality or your chosen décor. Picket fences and privacy fences are two main variations our five-star fence contractors can build for you! Wood fences, of course, offer privacy and security nosy passersby and curious neighbors! One of the best parts of getting a wooden fence is that it is a classic look that ac be customized any time DIY style with the wood color stain! Our Grand Prairie, TX fence installation and repair team will build you the wooden fence you’ve been looking for!

wood Fence Installation in Grand Prairie, TX
PVC Fence Installation in Grand Prairie, Texas

Top PVC Privacy Fences in Grand Prairie

PVC is definitely the easiest fence type to deal with out of wood, iron, and chain-link. That’s because it’s made of vinyl and plastic. The most upkeep you’ll have to handle with this fence is to wash it like you wash any outdoor amenity you own – with soap and water. Our fence company’s top quality PVC fences are also fired resilient. If something unfortunate happens during a bonfire, PVC won’t light up as fast as wood would, giving you some time to contact the professionals. You may even be able to preserve some of your fences. PVC fences are great for the environment because they are completely recyclable. They’re also fairly simple to change up into something different. PVC fencing is easily taken down and removed. It also can be styled to imitate the look of wood and ornamental iron fences. If you want the look of a picket fence or an ornamental fence without the upkeep, PVC fencing is your go-to. Call the top PVC fence installation and repair company in Grand Prairie, TX for a new PVC fence today.

Grand Prairie High-Quality Wrought Iron Fences

Iron fences for a home or business are super stylish and make trespassers stop and consider “Is it worth it?” When you consider, fence company near me, you should certainly consider Grand Prairie Fence Builders. We can build you a wrought iron fence fit for a king! Rust and weather damage are always a consideration when it comes to iron fences, but our licensed contractor team will tell you everything you need to know about maintenance. Our team will be working with only top-quality materials, so that iron fence hold up!

Best Iron Fence Installations in Grand Prairie
Top Local Wrought Iron Fence Installation.

Aluminum Fence Installation in Grand Prairie, TX

Aluminum fences can be made to look a lot like iron fences, and are a great rust-proof alternative to the latter. Only a professional Grand Prairie fence contractor like us could point out the difference. You’ll spend way less money, and your neighbors will never know the difference! Now that’s five-star fence installation and repair in Grand Prairie! Aluminum fencing is flexible and good for hilly terrain. It’s important to our fence company that you stay within budget and that you’re completely satisfied with your results.

Give us a call for a free quote and if you have any questions about other fence styles and materials!

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